Attendees watching animated presentation

Wednesday, April 16

5:00 pm, Fitzgerald Foyer
Registration and Networking Reception

6:30 pm, Fitzgerald C
Opening Session — Broader Impacts: Leadership Perspectives
PANELISTS: Nancy Cantor (Rutgers) and Freeman Hrabowski III (UMBC)
FACILITATOR: Diane Rover (Iowa State)

Thursday, April 17

8:00 am, Fitzgerald C
Opening Session — Broader Impacts: A National Science Foundation Perspective
SPEAKER: Wanda Ward (International and Integrative Activities, NSF)
FACILITATOR: Susan Renoe (Missouri)

9:30 am, Fitzgerald Foyer
SP@ISU Networking Break

10:15 am, Fitzgerald D
Workshop — BI Practice: How to Train and Motivate Scientists
PANELISTS: John Besley (Michigan State), Nancy Franz (Iowa State), Bruce MacFadden (Florida Museum of Natural History), and Rick Tankersley (NSF)
READING: Tips for Constructing a Promotion and Tenure Dossier that Documents Engaged Scholarship Endeavors

10:15 am, Fitzgerald C
Workshop — BI Measurement: What, how, and why?
PANELISTS: Jamie Bell (CAISE), Jeff Buehler (Missouri), Mack Shelley (Iowa State), and Douglas Spencer (Edu, Inc.)
FACILITATOR: Oludurotimi Adetunji (Brown University)

12:15 pm, Fitzgerald C
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Networking Lunch

1:30 pm, Fitzgerald C
Keynote Addresses — Broader Impacts: Perspectives from the NSF Office of the Director and the National Science Board
SPEAKERS: France Córdova (Director, NSF) and Alan Leshner (American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Science Board)
FACILITATOR: Kemi Jona (Northwestern)

Fitzgerald Foyer
OSEP Networking Break

3:30 pm, Fitzgerald D
Workshop — BI Practice: Infrastructure Models
PANELISTS: Elijah Mermin (UC Santa Cruz), Claudia Merson (Yale), Ari Daniel (Independent science writer), and Sondra Lancaster (Institute for Broadening Participation)

3:30 pm, Fitzgerald C
Workshop — BI Directions: What is the future of BI and where can it go?
PANELISTS: Jeanne Braha (AAAS), Dan Sarewitz (Arizona State), Martin Storksdieck (National Academy of Sciences), and Esther DeSmet (University of Ghent, Belgium)

6:00 pm, Fitzgerald C
Networking Dinner (provided by the Summit)

Friday, April 18

8:00 am, Fitzgerald C
Panel Discussion — Broader Impacts: A Programmatic Perspective
PANELISTS: Diane Spresser (International and Integrative Activities, NSF), Larry Weber (Geosciences, NSF), David Rockcliffe Biological Sciences, NSF), and Jennifer Yttri (AAAS Fellow))
FACILITATOR: Kevin Niemi (Wisconsin)

9:30 am, Fitzgerald C
Panel Discussion — Broader Impacts from a Broader Perspective
PANELISTS: John Wingfield (Directorate for Biological Sciences,NSF), Pramod Khargonekar (Directorate for Engineering, NSF), and David Blockstein (NSF Environmental Research and Education Advisory Committee)

11:00 am, Fitzgerald C
Panel Discussion — The Future of the BI Infrastructure Community
DISCUSSANTS: Megan Heitmann (Iowa State), Jane Horwitz (Penn), Kemi Jona (Northwestern), Kevin Niemi (Wisconsin), Amy Pratt (Northwestern), Susan Renoe (Missouri), Diane Rover (Iowa State), and Kaye Storm (Stanford)

Program Questions

If you have questions regarding the program agenda, please contact Dr. Susan Renoe at (573) 882-2270 or email